Environmental Services

We Keep a Focus On
Safety and Quality

With safety as part of our core values, we’re proud to bring a keen eye for detail and compliance to all the industries we serve. Loenbro provides consulting, field monitoring, emergency response and other services to many industries, from oil and gas to manufacturing.

We provide:

  • Emergency response
  • Soil and air quality tests
  • Remediation
  • Regulations review and compliance

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24/7 Emergency Response

In emergencies involving a fire, chemical spill, transportation incident, equipment failure or other industrial site problem, we are ready to help. We have vast experience tackling pipeline spills of oil, salt water or other hazardous materials.

Our experienced crews:

  • Respond to road, rail or facility incidents for site cleanup
  • Extinguish fires, including grain silo fires, and assist firefighters
  • Contain runoff, remediate contaminated soil and transfer chemicals
  • Will expose and repair pipelines and recover product
  • Transport and dispose of hazardous waste

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A commitment to you and the environment

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  • Ready for Remediation

    Loenbro offers mechanical and biological remediation services. We maintain a large fleet of equipment in strategic locations across our service area to rapidly deploy to sites in need of remediation services.

    When mechanical operations are not an option, we assess the location and may apply microbes to the affected area to reduce impacts from petroleum spills.

    Our team works to ensure that all guidelines are followed and necessary paperwork is filed when cleanup ends.

    Our remediation expertise is second to none.

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  • Environmental Assessments

    We document significant environmental impacts related to industrial facilities and property. Assessments are needed for waste handling and property cleanup, development or sale.

    Phase 1 Audits
    We research location history for indicators of potential environmental impacts.

    Phase 2 Audits
    We identify environmental impacts, often using soil and water tests, then determine remediation needs for the location.

    We develop plans to limit exposure, change access or remove waste. We perform asbestos and lead abatement, and waste transport and disposal.

    Let us help you stay safe. Contact us today.

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Essential Tank Services

We specialize in cleaning above-ground and underground tanks of all types and sizes to meet API codes. Before you change product, inspect, modify or remove tanks, we can clean them and remove any product left inside. Count on us to make repairs if you need them.

Our underground tank removals follow specific state regulations. We service tank sites that have no secondary containment. After removal, we replace tanks and install secondary containment or backfill tank holes.

Loenbro’s skilled technicians:

  • Disconnect tanks from critical assets during decommissioning
  • Complete required lockout, tagout procedures
  • Assist clients in completing documents for regulatory agencies

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  • Pond and Lagoon Dredging

    Loenbro has the capabilities to dredge containment ponds and lagoons to remove sediment buildups. We assist our clients with dewatering ponds and scraping out sludge to restore them to their original capacity.

    For dredging projects, we:

    • Transport sediment for proper disposal
    • Restore lagoons to usable condition
    • Use floating dredges for efficiency

    Stay on top of containment pond maintenance.
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  • Air-quality Monitoring

    Loenbro technicians monitor air quality in industrial settings or after an air-pollution incident to ensure the area is safe to occupy. If the area is unsafe without PPE, we will make recommendations to clients on what should be worn to ensure the health and safety of all individuals on site.

    We provide clients with:

    • Reliable air-quality data
    • Instruments that deliver real-time measurements
    • Personnel trained in emergency response

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  • Permitting and Compliance

    Through years of experience, Loenbro professionals have developed relationships to ensure proper permitting and compliance on projects of all kinds.

    We help our clients with:

    • 10-day storage permits
    • Part A and part B applications
    • EPA, OSHA, MSHA and DOT compliance
    • Understanding complicated regulations

    We are trained in environmental awareness and communicate effectively with our clients and regulators.

     For compliance assistance, contact us today

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Keeping watch on the environment

Loenbro’s experienced professionals work closely with customers who believe in meeting all regulatory and environmental guidelines. That is just good business.

From monitoring air quality to developing pollution prevention plans, we work hard with our clients to maintain compliance in all areas of their operation.

Stay safe with our help



Safe & Clean Work Sites

Across the many industries we work in, Loenbro is committed to keeping people safe and protecting the environment.