Food & Beverage

Growing our food industry, one project at a time

As industry sales continue to rise, food and beverage companies are building, expanding and renovating manufacturing plants across the nation.

Loenbro works with food processors and beverage companies to engineer, design and build facilities that will meet their expectations as they strive to meet consumer demands for product safety and quality. Manufacturers need facilities that maximize efficiency and profitability.

Skilled professionals at work for you:

  • Expertise in plant construction
  • Regional fabrication facilities
  • Broad inspection capabilities
  • Electrical and instrumentation services

We offer many services for the food and beverage industry.

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safely checking food production in factor

Quality services for quality-driven industries

Food and beverage companies rise and fall on the quality of their products. Our services help them produce exceptional products for consumers. Choose from our services below to find out more.


    • Turnaround services
    • Conveyor systems
    • Structural steel fabrication and erection
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    industrial insulation


    • Scaffolding systems
    • Insulation installation
    • Electrical and steam tracing systems
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    phased array inspection


    • Traditional phased array
    • Integrity management
    • Corrosion Under Insulation inspection (CUI)
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    electrical services

    & Electrical

    • Industrial automation
    • Instrumentation and calibration
    • Electrical construction and maintenance
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    metal fabrication


    • Specialty components
    • Mobile skids
    • Pressure vessels and pipe spools
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    • Tank repairs
    • Tank cleaning
    • Preparing tanks for API inspections
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Demands grow for high-quality products

Consumer concerns over food safety and quality continue to rise as more people demand healthier choices and that the highest standards for food processing are met. New construction and more thorough inspections help companies meet those demands.

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