Midstream Oil & Gas

Essential Skills at Work

Loenbro has extensive experience constructing, maintaining and inspecting pipelines and oilfield facilities.

We have built thousands of miles of transmission and gathering pipelines to carry oil, natural gas, refined products and water. We offer services essential to complete midstream projects.

We have broad inspection capabilities – from traditional phased array to dye penetrant testing. We perform heat treating, fabrication, hydrostatic testing, insulationconstruction, right-of-way restoration and many other jobs critical to midstream companies.

Experts and equipment:

  • Certified inspectors
  • Regional fabrication shops
  • Construction expertise
  • Latest technology

Our experts can help you with your next midstream project.

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men working oilfield with equipment

Midstream Services

We offer customers a variety of comprehensive services to midstream companies. Explore our midstream services, below.

    hands and chain on pipe


    • Hydrovac excavation
    • Directional boring
    • Steel, HDPE, flex steel piping installed
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    men working construction


    • Industrial general contracting
    • Equipment setting
    • Site civil and concrete work
    • Modular skid fabrication and assembly
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    insulation services


    • Scaffolding systems
    • Insulation installation
    • Electrical and steam tracing systems
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    phased array services


    • Traditional phased array
    • Construction management services
    • Corrosion Under Insulation inspection (CUI)
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    electrician working

    & Electrical

    • Telemetry and SCADA systems
    • Instrumentation and calibration
    • Electrical construction and maintenance
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    welding metal


    • Modular skid fabrication and assembly
    • Pipe spool fabrication
    • Pressure vessels
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    • Tank repairs
    • Tank cleaning
    • Preparing tanks for API inspections
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Miles and miles of quality lines

Our experienced crews have worked in searing heat and bitter cold to install thousands of miles of oil, gas and water pipelines in some of the most productive oilfields in the world.

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