Loenbro Employee Assistance Fund (L.E.A.F.)

Loenbro Employee Assistance Fund

​​​The Loenbro Employee Assistance Fund (L.E.A.F) is a nonprofit fund, formed under the laws of the state of Montana, organized for charitable purposes to offer financial assistance to Loenbro employees in times of Hardship/Crisis. In addition, L.E.A.F allows employees to make a tax-deductible contribution to assist fellow employees. The funds donated by employees are matched by Loenbro.

Process of Obtaining L.E.A.F

L.E.A.F. will have a committee consisting of employees that review L.E.A.F. applications for possible assistance. Quarterly fund status updates will be printed in the newsletter detailing contribution amounts, grants paid, fund balance, etc.

Who is Eligible?

-Full time regular employees, or part time regular employees (at least 4 hours/day)
-Employees must have been employed with Loenbro for a minimum of 180 days of service.

​What is considered a Hardship/Crisis situation?

Applicants for the L.E.A.F. Hardship/Crisis assistance must have a documented Hardship/Crisis situation that has caused a financial hardship. It must be an event beyond the employee’s control.
Examples of Hardship/Crisis situations that could be considered for assistance include but are not limited to: Fire, Natural Disasters, Theft of Property, Loss of Employment for Spouse, Loss of Property (Foreclosure), Illness/Disability, and Medical Situations/Emergencies.
*Insurance deductible payoff is not considered a hardship/crisis.

​​Financial Assistance and Guidelines

· The L.E.A.F. Committee will review applications for possible assistance.
· Every effort will be made to review applications within 5 business days after receiving the application.
· Employees will receive notification of the status of their application from the L.E.A.F. committee by phone and/or email.
· The maximum amount of assistance the fund currently provides is up to $5,000.00 per year. Funds will not exceed 75% of the total loss and no more than $10,000 may be awarded to any employee during their lifetime.
· Only one request for assistance per family, per year (rolling 12 months).
· Employees cannot apply for the same financial hardship more than once.

​How is L.E.A.F. funded?

L.E.A.F. is funded by Loenbro Employee tax deductible contributions and funds matched by Loenbro Inc. The amount of available funds to assist employees during times of Hardship/Crisis is entirely dependent upon the contributions that have been received through payroll deductions/direct contributions and company matching contributions. Although the goal is for every Loenbro employee to donate to L.E.A.F., all employees are eligible to apply regardless of whether or not they have contributed in the past. Applications are strictly confidential and any assistance granted is a gift, not a loan and is not required to be repaid.

​Donating to L.E.A.F. is easy!

You can contribute to L.E.A.F by signing up for payroll deductions. Use the link below to download and print the payroll deduction form.

Payroll Deduction Form

​​Application Process

A L.E.A.F. Hardship/Crisis application (application) must be completed with supporting documentation. Documentation should include: eviction/foreclosure notifications, past due utilities, police/fire report, doctor’s note, or other related documentation. The application form can be obtained by calling Jenn Ulsh at (406) 453-1542, sending an email to leaf@loenbro.com or clicking the link to the document below. To submit an application for assistance please send the application with appropriate documents attached to an email at leaf@loenbro.com OR mail a hard copy to:

L.E.A.F. Application Form

Loenbro Employee Assistance Fund
1900 32nd Ave NE
Black Eagle, MT 59414