Custom Expertise

Quality & Convenience

When it comes to custom components, you can’t beat Loenbro’s fabrication services. Our regional shops offer the convenience of location, along with 24/7 production, which keeps your project on time, all the time.

For information about our 24/7 services, contact us today.

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LACT Units

For your next wellsite project, Loenbro will fabricate LACT units that exceed your expectations. Our shops are conveniently located near some of the best oil-producing fields in the United States to ensure on-time delivery.

Designed to meet demanding wellsite needs:

  • Constructed to withstand harsh conditions
  • Built to meet your requirements
  • Unmatched in quality & flexibility
  • Performance tested for accuracy

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Mobile SKIDS

Loenbro’s skilled welders can fabricate entire facilities on skids and ship them to your site for installation and connection. We can also fabricate skids for components and then connect them on-site to existing facilities.

Fabrication excellence with:

  • Experts in semi-automated & manual welding
  • 24/7 services to meet timetables
  • Four regional fabrication shops
  • Heat treating and inspection

Need something specific for your project? We produce various sizes of skids for an array of industrial applications.

Talk customization with one of our experts.

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Specialty Components

At our shop in Great Falls, we can fabricate specialty components to your specifications using exotic metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, Iconel 800H and 1.25%, 5% and 9% chrome alloy piping.

Custom-built to your specifications:

To learn more about our speciality component capabilities, contact Loenbro today.

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