Specialized Construction

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More than just superior fabrication and mechanical work, Loenbro offers highly trained experts who can customize industrial construction projects to suit your business’ needs.

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Equipment Installation

Our crews work with precision and efficiency, meeting deadlines and staying on budget while working on everything from NaSH units to sour water stripper units.

No job too challenging

  • Skilled in active-working installations
  • Workplace safety is a priority
  • Experts in exchangers, vessels, scrubbers and towers
  • Turnkey service from start to finish

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We have a track record for on-time and on-budget work and will help you develop exceptional projects. Our teams have handled big projects including crude unit modifications, loading facilities and reformer units.

National expertise in all things mechanical

It’s a great time to get started on your next big mechanical project.

Conveyor Systems

We have the talent, tools and equipment necessary for installation and testing to ensure your conveyor systems move your product efficiently.

Cross-industry experience for new and expanded facilities

  • Expert in power and automation installation
  • Thorough inspection and system tests
  • High-quality crews work safely and efficiently
  • Latest equipment for assembly and alignment

Our experts are nearby, all over the country.

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