Loenbro delivers construction excellence with every new building or expansion project we undertake.

Loenbro’s certified welders and erectors can erect any and all steel, whether it be pipe rack, supports, PEMBs, or large scale structural steel buildings.

Loenbro provides exceptional services through our certified welders and erectors who are capable of erecting various steel structures. Our skilled teams are fully prepared to handle all your industrial and commercial projects related to structural steel erection. Loenbro holds the distinction of being an AISC Certified Erector and offers a range of services, including:
  • Column, Beam, Roof Truss, and Heavy-lift Erection

  • Miscellaneous Metals Installation and Detailing

  • Bolt Installation

  • Field Welding

  • Metal Deck and Shear Stud Installation

  • Overhead Crane and Crane Rail Setting

  • Equipment Setting and Installation

  • Elevated Decks

  • Cladding and Siding

  • Pipe Racks

  • Access Structures

  • Steel Errection

steel building being constructed