Construction Management Services

Focused On Your Project

At Loenbro, we offer a turnkey approach to Construction Management Services, from planning and scheduling to project completion and detailed documentation.

Our experienced construction and maintenance managers focus on your deadlines and budgets.

They provide a single point of contact for customers and increase project efficiency as they maintain a productive and safe worksite.

Our managers are experienced in:

  • Communication management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Budget & progress reporting
  • Cost management/forecasting
  • GPS/surveying

We understand the financial and environmental impacts of a project in trouble. Our managers will monitor your  project, directing repair or replacement as needed.

man surveying on site

men on construction site

Trained and Certified

Loenbro’s construction managers are highly trained and experienced in projects of all kinds. We place a priority on training, and have certifications for many critical processes, such as storm-water pollution prevention, asbestos abatement, excavation, ultrasonic testing and visual inspection.

We have extensive field experience in many areas:

  • Waterway crossings
  • Block valve stations
  • Right-of-way maintenance
  • Reconditioning
  • Terminals
  • Line lowering
  • Pipeline anomalies

Our talented professionals have earned the trust of some of the best companies doing business across our region.

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