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Loenbro Instrumentation & Electrical is a turnkey provider for new plant construction or expansion of existing facilities. In minesmanufacturing plantsoilfields and other industrial sites, we display our skills and deliver excellent results to our clients across the Rocky Mountain region.

  • Telemetry and SCADA systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Instrumentation and calibration
  • Distribution power lines

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Precise instrumentation & calibration

Loenbro has ISA-certified technicians and we employ the latest equipment that is calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy. We install, calibrate and maintain equipment needed to monitor almost any type of industrial process.

  • Municipal water systems
  • Natural gas processing plants
  • Mining facilities
  • Manufacturing centers

Trust Loenbro when you need precise work done accurately and quickly. We’re ready to go to work.

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I&E projects for many industries

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  • Telemetry & Scada Systems

    Loenbro has the capabilities to install, program and commission telemetry and SCADA systems for remote data acquisition. Clients can monitor and control field operations across a wide area with our systems.

    Secure & dependable data capture offers:

    • Cost-effective scalability
    • Reliable information transfer
    • Durable field instruments
    • Compliance with security regulations

    With our custom-built solar and wind turbine skids, equipment is easily installed in remote locations.

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  • PLC Programming

    Loenbro project managers and technicians work with customers to determine their needs and will program the PLC and perform a factory authorization test before technicians install the program in the field.

    For new and existing facilities:

    • High reliability control
    • PLC system design
    • Programming expertise
    • Integration with other systems
    • Cost-effective troubleshooting and maintenance

    PLC programming might be right for your next project.

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  • Industrial Automation

    For project planning, including sizing the material needed and selecting the best equipment, Loenbro provides exceptional automation services.

    Connecting industrial systems:

    • Device installation
    • Control panel and wiring
    • Thorough pre-launch tests
    • Upgrade systems as needed
    • Staff training

    We have the experts to ensure your project is planned and implemented smoothly.

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    Electrical wires

When electrical installations are needed, we’ll build to suit your needs.

Fiber Optic Installation & Termination


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Electrical Construction & Maintenance


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Industrial Ul508A Control Panels


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I&E Quality For Municipal Customers

Loenbro supports municipal clients with cost-effective services for wastewater facilities, power distribution systems and other I&E needs.

We work to upgrade:

  • Primary metering and utility feeds
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Switchgear and other equipment

With containing costs and conserving energy near the top of municipal priorities, we provide services with an eye on energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity. We design, install and maintain electrical distribution equipment and systems that meet municipal needs.

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Distribution Power Lines

Loenbro’s teams are certified to install power poles, lines up to 60kV and other needed infrastructure. Once your line is up and distributing power, we provide round-the-clock maintenance and troubleshooting.

Connecting your next project to the grid with:

  • Safety-first installation
  • Well-designed systems
  • Built to meet all regulations
  • Experience in rural areas

When you need help with a power or utilities project, turn to the trusted experts at Loenbro.

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Many Industries Turn To Loenbro

Learn how many different industries rely on Loenbro for their Instrumentation and Electrical services, below.