Intumescent and Cementitious Fireproofing

Let our experienced crews handle your fireproofing needs.

Track record of excellence across industries

Quality fireproofing of structural steel and other critical equipment is necessary for the safety of our customer’s facilities. That’s why we’ve built a long-term relationship with Carboline, the premier supplier of the latest fireproofing products. Our fireproofing teams are API certified and trained to handle even the most complex projects across several industries.
  • Comprehensive protection services

  • Methods built on safety-first

  • Proper use of trowel-on vs. spray-on techniques to achieve the correct thickness and fire rating

Experts in the full suite of fireproofing services

We understand the different applications and are the only manufacture-certified Chartek applicators in our region. Our experts know when to use trowel-on vs. spray-on techniques to achieve the proper thickness and fire rating. Additionally, Loenbro’s QA/QC team inspects and documents all work completed on every job.