Miles & Miles of Excellence

Loenbro has constructed, maintained and inspected oil, gas and water pipelines in some of the best oilfields in the world. Our experienced professionals utilize the latest technology and our well-maintained equipment to provide comprehensive services to your pipeline project.

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Pipeline customers trust us

We’ve installed thousands of miles of pipeline and we’re far from done. Loenbro brings experience, skilled crews, well-maintained equipment and project flexibility to pipeline construction.

Trusted, and proud of it:

  • Strong pipeline partner reputation
  • New pipeline installation using steel, FlexSteel, Fiberspar, HDPE or fiberglass pipe
  • In-service lines upgraded safely and efficiently

We’re proud of every job we’ve handled, and aren’t shy about telling you about it.

Whatever the conditions,
we deliver pipeline excellence.

We Have the Skills & Equipment to Get the Job Done

Directional Boring


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Hydrostatic Testing


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  • Right-of-way Restoration

    For over a decade, Loenbro has worked with private landowners, government officials and other stakeholders to identify, construct and properly restore right-of-ways. Our skilled crews will perform initial clearing and grading and follow up with restoration and reclamation after your project is completed.

    Trusted in delicate environments:

    • Restorations in varied landscapes
    • Equipment on hand to complete jobs
    • Sensitive to environmental concerns
    • Strong communication with landowners
    • Stay ahead of environmental issues with Loenbro’s trained experts

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  • Repairs & Maintenance

    Loenbro’s pipeline expertise allows us to deliver top-quality repairs and timely maintenance. We quickly and efficiently complete repairs for compressor and pump stations in addition to pipelines.

    Save time and money with our experts:

    • Defects located using above-ground line sheets
    • Stopples utilized to stop pipeline flows
    • Defective pipelines replaced, repaired or sleeved
    • Quick repairs that mitigate losses
    • Stop losing time and money.

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  • Emergency Call Outs

    We know downtime in the field or at your facility can be costly, so use our team to get back up and running after trouble strikes.

    Ready for any emergency, 24/7:

    • Pipeline repairs or replacement
    • Availability of needed equipment
    • Site cleanup capabilities
    • Expertise in damage assessment
    • We’re nearby and ready to roll when disaster strikes.

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Pipelines for Power

When you need power and utilities installed quickly and safely, Loenbro’s teams are the best in the business.

Our crews meet power and utility needs for all kinds of pipeline projects:

  • Powering small & large facilities
  • Conduits installed for utilities
  • Hydrovac trucks excavate trenches for utility work
  • Minimal disruption to the right-of-way

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Fabricating Pig Launchers

Loenbro professionals have the experience to fabricate pig launchers, and we’ll do our work at the job site if needed. Our fabrication quality is second to none.

Latest technology in use includes:

  • Stopples to stop pipeline flows
  • Composite repairs performed quickly
  • Prefab equipment delivered to site

We take our inspection work seriously, so you don’t have to worry.

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Pipelines Serve Many Industries

From the 24/7 demands of the oil and gas sector, to keeping the lights on for municipal clients, our skilled workforce serves many industries. See how we can help you, below.