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We Deliver Quality Specialty
Mechanical Services

Loenbro offers a wide range of specialty mechanical services delivered by experienced technicians available 24/7 who display an unmatched work ethic and commitment to safety and quality at the job site every day. We add value to customer operations by maximizing the availability of critical equipment, enhancing safety, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental related emissions.

From field machining and o-site bolting to hot tapping and pipe isolation, we are committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. We know that downtime impacts your bottom line. We work to eliminate shutdowns, keep your costs down, and earn the opportunity to be of service every day.

At Loenbro, our mission statement is to “change the way you think about contractors and become the industry leader in specialty mechanical services.”


Specialty Mechanical - On-Line Leaks

We Are Ready To Respond
To Seal On-line Leaks

Leaks can cost the industry in energy losses, reduced production, and emissions; not to mention the safety impact they can pose. Our leak repair services allow repairs to be made without interruption to operations or product loss. Utilizing safe work practices that are non-destructive in an effort to maintain both the integrity and extend the useful life of the component.

  • Packing Glands
  • Flange Gaskets
  • VOC Emissions
  • Composite Repair Applications


  • Valve Enclosures
  • Line Enclosures
  • Elbow Enclosures
  • Flange Clamps

Stay safe with our help

For specialty mechanical services
you can depend on, call on Loenbro

Specialty Mechanical - Bolted Joints

We Ensure the Integrity
of Your Bolted Joints

Our experienced technicians provide high quality technical bolting services. Whether the job calls for hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic tensioning, and or ultrasonic bolt-load measuring for verification, Loenbro delivers. Utilizing calibrated gauges and wrenches, we focus on safety and quality on every bolted joint.

  • Bolt Torqueing
  • Bolt Tensioning
  • Hydraulic Nut Splitting
  • Monster Grip Tools
  • Ultra-Sonic Bolt Scope

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  • Structural Integrity
    With Heat Induction

    Our induction specialists have vast experience using heat induction, in conjunction with our on-site bolting allowing Loenbro to provide controlled tightening of turbine casings, HP steam inlets, and turbine coupling shafts. In addition, the same proven and effective methods can be used in exchangers for removing and preventing galled studs and facilitating faster breakouts. Safely remove and install mechanically fit components without damage, such as rings, sleeves, and couplings, along with the ability to perform shrink fit assembly and disassembly.

    • Rapid localized, controlled, flameless
    • Reduce chances of galled components
    • Increase productivity of breakout and make-up during critical path
    • Ultra-sonic bolt load verification can also be used

    Structural Integrity with Heat Reduction

  • Engineered Composite
    Repairs You Can Trust

    Offering both engineered and non-engineered composite repair applications of pressurized components, Loenbro is able to support your maintenance and mechanical integrity programs with qualified installation of various systems. Providing both traceability and reliability to composite repairs our intent is to collaborate with you through assessment, product selection and installation.

    • ASME PCC-2
    • Custom Applications and Shapes
    • External Wall Loss and Weld Defects
    • Water Activated Systems


    • Glass Fiber Repair Systems
    • Carbon Fiber Repair Systems
    • External Corrosion, Pitting, and Dents
    • Restores Pipe to Original Strength

    Engineered Composite Repairs

  • Cryogenic Line Freezing

    Turn to Loenbro for a safe, proven, and cost-effective method to isolate a section of pipe by installing a mechanical jacket and injecting liquid nitrogen until the product is frozen allowing work to be performed downstream.

    • No Flow in Line Required
    • Service Must Have a Freeze Point
    • Pressures Up to Ratings of Pipe
    • Economic Alternative to a Line Stop

    Cryogenic Line Freezing

Specialty Mechanical - Pipe Isolation and Weld Testing

Pipe Isolation
& Weld Testing

Our pipe isolation and weld testing crews can verify the integrity of a welded joint and or flange installation / weld. This service compliments our other on-site services such as field machining (pipe cutting/beveling) and or line stop applications. Loenbro’s double block and bleed isolation tools are designed to provide an isolation barrier of any upstream gases or vapor to allow localized field repairs and or modifications.

  • 1/2″ thru 48″ Tool Sizes
  • 25 PSI Back Pressure Rating
  • Ability to Monitor Both Upstream Pressure and Isolation Pressure
  • Ability to Both Isolate and Hydro-Test with Same Tool
  • 1500 PSI Back Pressure Rating using Gripper Rings



  • Stay Up & Running With Quality
    Hot Taps and Line Stops

    When a tie-in is required and shutting down is not an option, Loenbro can offer the best solution and most economical alternative to a costly shutdown, with our skilled technicians and reliable equipment. We offer hot tapping services for a variety of pipe sizes and broad range of temperatures and pressures for the Refining, Petro-Chemical, Power, Pulp & Paper and Pipeline/Distribution sectors. Call Loenbro to review your project needs and develop a safe execution plan with you.

    • Turn-Key Service with Engineering, Manufacturing and Specialty Welding
    • Tanks / Vessels
    • Angle Taps / Flowmeters / Thermowells


    • Fully Rated Equipment to 1480PSI
    • Bolt-On Fittings
    • Full Encirclement Split Tees
    • Tapping Nozzles with Reinforcement Saddles

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    Hot Taps and Line Stops

  • On-site Machining

    Loenbro’s on-site specialists are able to utilize portable field machining tools to perform machining and or modifications to in-situ piping, vessels, and other equipment safely and efficiently.

    • Refacing of Gasket Surfaces
    • Pipe Cutting and Beveling; Counterboring
    • Milling of Pump Pads, Motor Bases, and Sole Plates
    • Key Milling
    • Drilling and Tapping
    • Shaft Turning
    • Line Boring

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    On Site Machining

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