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We believe that the only acceptable job is one done right. Because of this mindset, and our proven track record, we are trusted to deliver mission critical services in many industries, for companies of all sizes.
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A Single-Source Service Provider Across Industries

We’re equipped to handle industrial construction, electrical, instrumentation, midstream, maintenance, fabrication, and much more. Wherever you are in the USA, we have a team for it.

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Data Centers

Loenbro delivers turnkey construction services to ensure your data center is operating efficiently. We have the understanding and expertise to deliver high quality performance and increased speed to market, so you can trust your data is always secure and online.

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Renewable Energy

We’re proud to provide the infrastructure powering today’s most sustainable solutions. Whether you specialize in solar or wind energy, all work is done with the goal of energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity.

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Power Generation

We construct power-generating facilities, install transmission & distribution lines and provide other essential services for companies and municipalities, large & small.

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Oil & Gas

Some of the nation’s largest oil and gas companies trust Loenbro to build, maintain and inspect pipelines that carry crude oil and natural gas from production sites to transportation hubs, processing plants and storage facilities.

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We upgrade and install primary metering and utility feeds, transformers, generators, switchgear and more for waste-water treatment plants and utilities for critical federal needs.

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Pulp & Paper

Count on Loenbro to complete challenging projects in the paper industry. We build facilities to the highest standards, putting our experience in construction, project management, procurement and cost control to work every day.

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Industrial construction for America’s farms requires good work with no excuses. We work rain or shine to provide varied services for farms, dairies, ranches, hatcheries and more — so those supporting the nation with key resources can feel like their operations are supported, too.

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Whether you need a partner for building or inspecting pharmaceutical infrastructure, Loenbro can help. We bring regulation compliance expertise to every project, whether it involves new construction, expansion or renovation.

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Food & Beverage

We’re here to help manufacturers focus on producing the best products. To do that, we deliver on-time, on-budget, industrial automation services, instrumentation and calibration, and electrical construction and maintenance.

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Supporting healthcare and medical facilities is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Our team is equipped to deliver specialty services and timely routine maintenance to ensure quality care of patients can be achieved.

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We construct mine infrastructure, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and piping.

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We are your single-source solution for electrical and instrumentation, mechanical, midstream, inspection and other industrial services.

Electrical Services

Loenbro Electrical Services is a turnkey provider for new plant construction or expansion of existing facilities.

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Maximize the availability of equipment when you call on our experienced technicians, available 24/7. Whether you require prefabrication, structural steel fabrication, welding, piping, planning and instrument installation, or abatements, we offer the highest level of service.

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We offer services for completing midstream projects, from installation to maintenance and inspection. Our teams have installed thousands of miles of oil, gas and water pipelines in some of the most productive oil fields in the world.

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We invest in cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate and cost-effective results. Loenbro can meet industrial inspection needs ranging from Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to construction management and asset integrity management to heat treat services.

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We offer the fastest installation of scaffolding, highest quality of insulation products, and expert abatement specialists.

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