We are an industrial services company, guided by unshakeable principles.

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Staying true to our values has served us–and our customers–well.

Paul and Jon Leach grew up working on their Montana farm just west of Great Falls. They displayed a knack for all things mechanical and quickly learned how to build and repair equipment used around their Sun River farm. As their work ethic strengthened, so did the values instilled in them by their parents. In 1998, after the brothers completed their technical training, they began to form the building blocks of Loenbro. The company recieved a reputation for taking on tough welding jobs and exceeding expectations, earning the trust of customers across their region. Though Loenbro has grown into a single-source solution for thousands of industrial projects, we have not changed who we are. Our employees are just as committed to our core values, as Paul and Jon were in 1998.
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  • “Jon and I started out as two young entrepreneurs with a vision. We still have to pinch ourselves to make sure we aren’t living in a dream. We believe God blessed us all with incredible resources and talents.”

    Paul Leach,
    co-founder of Loenbro


Partnering with Loenbro means your job just got easier. Engineers, project and facility managers count on us to get the job done, no matter what.

  • Have an expert you can go to for solutions

  • Tackle your toughest challenges

  • Deliver within demanding standards and environments

  • Improve accuracy and safety on your projects

  • Maximize productivity

  • Save time with a single-source solution


jobsites across the USA and growing



Our capabilities to complete successful projects


years focused on accuracy and safety


of customers represent the world’s leading industries


We take action.

We take action to get the job done. If equipment breaks, we fix it. When weather is bad, we work through it. We don’t make excuses or wait for help. We work together to keep the project moving.

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We do what we say.

We fulfill every promise we make. We are honest and ethical in our dealings and build long-term relationships founded on trust.

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We lead by example.

At every level of business, we develop team-oriented leaders that lead by example. As a direct result of our leaders, we lead the industry by delivering quality, timely services that exceed expectations.

We do the right thing.

When faced with tough choices, we always do the right thing. We take responsibility for our mistakes, and we work together to solve the problem.

We practice stewardship.

We believe God blessed us all with incredible resources and talents. We strive to be good stewards of these gifts. We honor God with our first and our best by working hard and giving back.


Building people up is part of our DNA. Throughout the Loenbro organization, hard-working men and women exhibit leadership every day. They share the company’s values, can-do attitude.
  • We have a diverse group of leaders with different backgrounds and career expertise.

  • We empower all employees to make decisions to move our customers’ projects forward.

  • We believe that all our employees have leadership qualities.

Training and growing our leaders from within

We are committed to growing leaders. That’s why we provide extensive training and work experiences to help them gain skills needed to make the right decisions on the job.
  • Business leadership training.

  • Technical certification opportunities.

  • Continuing education to stay current on technology.

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