Downstream Oil & Gas

Essential Skills at Work

Loenbro has established itself as a premier construction company and turnkey service provider that meets a wide spectrum of downstream challenges.

We started in a Montana refinery and have seen our reputation spread as a company known for completing demanding projects and delivering high-quality services under the most demanding conditions.

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Our capabilities are many, our performances outstanding. Our engineers, technicians and tradespeople work safely in refineries, petrochemical plants, petroleum distribution outlets and natural gas plants.

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Downstream Services

We have a wide range of services to meet downstream needs of oil and gas companies. Learn more about our downstream services, below.

    men working construction site


    • Turnaround services
    • Civil, concrete and pier work
    • Structural steel fabrication and erection
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    industrial insulation service


    • Scaffolding systems
    • Insulation installation
    • Abatement
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    phased array testing


    • Traditional phased array
    • Construction management services
    • Integrity management
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    electrician working

    & Electrical

    • Distribution power lines
    • Instrumentation and calibration
    • Electrical construction and maintenance
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    welding metal


    • Process piping
    • Mobile skids
    • Pressure vessels and pipe spools
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    • Tank repairs
    • Tank cleaning
    • Preparing tanks for API inspections
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Quality services for downstream customers

We cut our teeth working in refineries around the Rocky Mountain region, but now offer even more expertise. After over 20 years of hard work and growth, we now also install treatment units, construct piping, perform turnarounds, fabricate vessels, gas racks and other components, route utilities and much more.

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