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Paste Plant Facility — Confidential Client



This project includes the erection of 900 Tons structural steel at two new buildings and 3 small bridges in Montana.

The Dewatering Facility structure:

  • footprint of 106x132ft with 42 columns (26 spliced at 51ft)
  • 7 elevated levels of steel framing
  • sloped roof with peak at 92ft above grade
  • 3 sets of stairways
  • 7 levels of elevated concrete deck and grating
  • roof includes 5 shop-assembled trusses that span 105ft
  • installation of two crane rails per CMAA tolerances
  • 10 Ton Overhead Bridge Crane

The Loadout Facility is a smaller structure with:

  • 24 columns covering a staggered footprint of 86x116ft
  • 5 elevated levels of framing
  • 1 stairway
  • sloped roof with peak 61ft above grade.

Both buildings are enclosed with insulated metal wall panels and metal roof panels.

Scope also includes the erection of 2 Takeaway Conveyor Bridges spanning from the Dewatering Facility up to the Loadout Facility.  They are supported on 3 column bents each and are shop assembled in 4 segments with 3 bolted field splices. There is also a smaller Pipe Bridge, similar in design to the Takeaway Conveyors.  It spans from the new Dewatering Facility to an existing structure.