We minimize downtime with our one-source solutions.

Our team of carpenters, laborers, operators, ironworkers, and masons are equipped to take on any civil assignment safely and efficiently.

Loenbro is capable of handling a wide range of civil projects, including structural excavation and grading, underground utility installation, structural concrete work, drilled shafts, flatwork concrete, elevated concrete decks, and more. Our team consists of skilled operators, iron workers (rebar & structural), masons, carpenters, welders, mill wrights, scaffolders, insulators, electricians, pipe fitters, boilermakers, and inspectors who are experienced and ready to tackle any civil assignment that comes our way. At Loenbro, we tackle the following civil projects and much more:
  • Structural Excavation/Grading

  • Underground Utility Install

  • Structural Concrete

  • Drilled Shafts

  • Flatwork Concrete

  • Elevated Concrete Decks

a crew of works moving earth