A Focus on Safety Every Day

Loenbro is proud of the regularly-scheduled training we provide all employees and the worksite precautions we take to ensure the health and safety of our people, our customers, contractors and the public.

Concern for safety and health is part of every Loenbro operation:

  • The personal safety of each employee is of primary importance
  • Safety is every employee’s responsibility at all levels

We implemented a Safety Management System to consistently monitor our working conditions, control health hazards and fully comply with all safety and health standards for every task.

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Learn What Safety Means to Us

We train to work safely. We talk about safety. We invest in safety.

Employee welfare is a priority

Loenbro employees are not only authorized but also required to stop any work that is perceived as a risk to anyone’s safety or a risk to the environment. We believe in our employees. They are the key to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and culture.

See how our core values shape our protocols

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Safety at all sites

We maintain safe work environments, whether we are working to clean up a wellsite, cutting pipe in a fabrication shop, or drawing plans in our corporate office. Members of our team of certified occupational safety specialists are stationed across the regions we service.

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Handbook guidance

We spell out our safety guidelines in our Health, Safety & Environmental Handbook. Company leaders set the tone for our safety and health program and provide safeguards to ensure safe work conditions. The handbook lists company policies and responsibilities of our employees.

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