Industrial Construction

We Deliver Quality Projects

Since our company was founded in 1998, we’ve brought individualized attention and exceptional work to every job we complete. Our team of welders, inspectors, technicians and laborers focus on executing their assignments safely, thoroughly and efficiently.

  • Strong planning and procurement skills
  • Greenfield to brownfield construction
  • Comprehensive list of services
  • Utilizing latest technology

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Need a new facility?
Let us plan & build it

Loenbro’s experienced project managers and superintendents can assist you with budgeting, planning, scheduling and ensuring your site is OSHA compliant. We’ll also build your facility from the ground up and complete all services — from precise civil work to the testing that ensures your structure is safe for operation.

We can begin the conversation at any stage in planning.

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We minimize downtime with

our one-source solutions.


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  • Compressor & pump stations

    Loenbro connects in-service lines to deliver product during compressor and pump station construction. We fabricate and install process piping using inside stations and complete concrete work for pipe supports or structural steel welding on site.

    Notable pump station skills:

    • Turnkey station construction
    • Fabrication and concrete services
    • Thorough site reclamation work
    • Safe removal of abandoned pipelines

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  • Civil, concrete & pier work

    We employ skilled equipment operators and the machinery they run is well maintained and operated safely.

    Loenbro tackles quality civil projects:

    • Dirt moved
    • Ground graded
    • Concrete foundations poured
    • Piers drilled
    • Racks, piping, pumps and other mechanical equipment fabricated and installed

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  • Structural steel fabrication & erection

    Loenbro’s certified welders can fabricate steel structures on site or in one of our fabrication shops. We perform heat treatingcomponent inspection and semi-automated and manual welding projects. We also have expertise in exotic metals such as aluminum, chrome alloy and Iconel 800H.

    We’re trained to build:

    • Modular skid piping
    • Gas racks
    • Vessels
    • LACT units
    • Launchers and receivers
    • Compressor stations
    • Gas plants
    • Spools
    • Meter skids
    • Pump stations

    Welding is part of Loenbro’s history, and some of the work we’re most proud of.

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Loenbro is Officially Certified by The American Institute of Steel Construction

Loenbro is proud to announce that we are officially certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) as a certified erector. AISC sets the standard for the steel industry, and this certification means we meet their rigorous quality and safety standards. This honor marks a milestone in our commitment to growth and the highest level of service.

From refinery equipment to conveyor systems, our mechanical expertise delivers quality installations and maintenance.

Equipment Installation


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Conveyor Systems


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Skilled in plant construction

Meeting manufacturing challenges

Loenbro delivers construction excellence with every new building or expansion project we undertake. Whatever you manufacture — petrochemicals, agriculture goods, pharmaceuticals or other products — we can construct a building to meet your needs, budget and timetable.

Call for Industrial Construction Services

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  • Turnaround services

    We plan these complex turnaround projects and manage the development, budget, schedule, safety and completion of the work. Our services include vessel and piping repair and installation, scaffolding, insulation, coatings, specialty welding and maintenance.

    Additional trusted turnaround capabilities:

    • Component prefabrication & installation
    • NDT testing
    • Equipment & facility inspection
    • Emergency callouts

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  • Repairs & Maintenance

    We are poised to respond to emergencies to ensure the safety of your facility. Loenbro teams perform scheduled maintenance, some required by code, and identify areas of concern and develop key repair plans.

    Dependable, quality services round the clock:

    • Experience serving many industries
    • Cost-effective maintenance programs
    • Quality performance from reliable crews
    • Trained in workplace safety

    A Loenbro team is ready, 24/7 for whatever happens and we can help you get an emergency plan together today.

    Learn more about our Pipeline Maintenance Services

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  • Blasting & Painting

    Loenbro’s fabrication shops are set up to meet your blasting and painting needs. Let us fabricate equipment for you, then complete blasting and painting to prepare it for installation.

    Convenient cleaning and coating services:

    • Equipment for on-site blasting and painting
    • Removes paint, rust and corrosives safely
    • Cost-effective way to clean equipment
    • Paint and many industrial coatings
    • Critical for the longevity of components

    Have a fabrication project for one of our experts? Our facilities are nearby.

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Many industries turn to Loenbro

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