Facility Integrity Management

We place top priority on training our inspectors and staying current on the latest technology. Our range of non-destructive testing (NDT) and visual inspection services reliably evaluate your systems and assess facility needs.

Services / Inspection / Facility Integrity Management

Boost facility integrity

Loenbro’s integrity management program helps manufacturers and facilities increase production uptime, hit optimum production targets, and comply with regulations. Through databases and hands-on inspection, Loenbro inspectors bring their expertise to a variety of industrial facilities, including:
  • Oil Refineries

  • Natural Gas Plants

  • Midstream Pump & Compressor Stations

  • Pharmaceutical Facilities

  • Chemical Manufacturing Plants

  • Food and Beverage Processing Facilities

  • Pulp and Paper Mills

  • Fertilizer Plants

  • Ethanol Refineries

  • Mineral Processing

Damages caused by corrosion can lead to safety hazards and facility shutdowns.

Loenbro applies corrosion analysis in a variety of ways and in a wide range of industries. Our team provides routine testing, turnaround, and custom long-term solutions to ensure asset safety, protection, and endurance. We utilize non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection services to perform corrosion investigations and address your toughest challenges. We have experience using the following programs for corrosion analysis:
  • PCMS

  • PS Asset Integrity Manager (PS AIM)

  • UltraPIPE

  • Meridian Systems

  • Custom Applications

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