Heat Treat Services

Quality Heat Treating

Loenbro completes large-oven heat treating in our fabrication shop, and also utilizes proprietary 6-way and 12-way mobile heat-treatment units. Our capabilities include magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, positive material identification and Brinell hardness testing. Our technicians will make your part or assembly stress-free by heating to below the critical temperature and then cooling uniformly.

Relieving stresses in key parts

  • Reduce risk of cracking, corrosion and failure
  • Increase ductility and reduce hardness
  • Improve machining stability
  • Service follows industry standards
  • Flexibility in treating parts of all sizes
  • Utilizing the latest Honeywell technology

In our shop or at your worksite, we provide heat treat services you can depend on.

workers with heat treatment vehicle


  • man working in fabrication shop

  • man working on heat treat vehicle

  • man moving materials in fabrication shop

Accuracy Guaranteed

Our technicians generate a heat-cycle profile report that specifies ramp rates and hold cycles. The temperature profile is approved and programmed into the controller. Thermocouples are spark-discharged for precise treatment.

Latest technology at work:

  • Controllers calibrated annually
  • Temperature deviation trips applied
  • Properly positioned thermocouples
  • Accurate temperature records provided

Our 6-way and 12-way mobile units give us the capability to scale our efforts to meet the size of the job at hand.

We provide a full range of heat-treating services that yield the results you expect.

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