NPHASE Delivers Results

Our NPhase Quality Management System is a proprietary process unique to Loenbro that assures the highest standards of quality for inspections.

Services / Inspection / Quality Program NPHASE


NPhaseTM was created and continues to evolve from many years of lessons learned. The goal of NPhaseTM is to elevate the quality, reliability, consistency and efficiency of work performed, while maintaining industry competitive costs. Loenbro is a quality centered company that strives to eliminate errors and create a culture of continuous improvement. NPhaseTM is an investment in ourselves and our technicians which helps make us a leader in our field. The core aspects of our program include:
  • Continuous development and proving-out processes and procedures.

  • Investments into flawed training and testing samples that replicate those to be evaluated in the field.

  • Providing continuing education to keep inspectors up-to-date and ensure maintained proficiency.

  • Limit variability by centralizing procedures and Phased Array scan plans.

  • Continuous auditing of inspection reports and inspection data.

  • Non-Conformance and Corrective Action programs to address mistakes and help assure that they do not reoccur.


Trained and trusted by using rigorous testing and training programs. We test our technicians on specific tasks using test samples representative of each application and focus on fostering application experts, not inspection generalists. We create a growth plan for each technician to optimize their development. Using modern technology and equipment, we also provide our technicians with “live support” from our quality department and management team in times of need.


Our cloud-based server allows our clients to access their projects reports and data as work is finalized and stored. This provides visibility to track progress and the ability to audit inspection information if desired. Access is fully customizable and based on our clients wants and needs.
  • Inspection reports and data are secured and confidential.

  • Access can be provided to any project essential personnel.

  • Standard retention is 5 years unless additional time is requested.

  • Real time information as necessary for critical times such as turnarounds. You can access information to ensure you are keeping your project on time.