Loenbro completes abatement projects of every type and size. See what’s right for your project.

Lead and Asbestos Abatement

We know safety and accuracy are paramount in identifying and abating hazardous asbestos and lead at industrial and commercial facilities. That’s why we developed safe and cost-effective methods to contain these hazardous materials. All abatement employees are certified in both asbestos and lead abatement. Additionally, we use a licensed third-party industrial hygienist to verify the abatement is completed properly. Our customers receive record retention for completed projects accessible through a secure web-based portal.
  • Ensuring the safety of customers, employees, and community

  • Verified work by an industrial hygienist

  • Certified in both asbestos and lead abatement

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Abatement Containment Design

We have the knowledge and skills to erect any size containment needed for your project. Our abatement experts can erect any containment for your project
  • Specialize in complex containment design

  • Capable of both small and large projects

containment design

Facility Inspections

Asbestos can create a hazard to employees’ wellbeing, so awareness of potential exposure in a facility is crucial. We offer a comprehensive survey to pinpoint:
  • Asbestos location

  • Asbestos amount

  • Asbestos type