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With Loenbro’s specialized equipment, our experienced crews perform excavations and directional boring for pipeline installations that cause fewer disruptions to traffic and surface areas.

Our boring machines and hydrovac trucks allow us to provide a more efficient level of service for clients. Our skills in hydrostatic testing ensure that clients’ pipelines are clean, dry and ready for service.

For years, Loenbro has delivered comprehensive pipeline services that have kept our customers’ projects on schedule and on budget.

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Directional Boring

Our cost-effective fleet of directional boring machines and crews are experienced in both slick and dry boring. If your pipeline is in a sensitive area and needs to be re-bored, we can use stopples to stop the flow of product so the newly bored pipe can be connected.

  • Less disturbance to surface areas
  • Reduced impact in high traffic areas
  • Curved installations without deep excavation

When you become a Loenbro customer, you get access to one of our experienced boring crews.

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Hydrostatic Testing

Loenbro can respond quickly to any situation because it operates its own equipment and has crews specializing in hydrostatic testing and anomaly detection. Our crews can respond quickly to any situation.

We perform all phases of hydrostatic testing, including:

  • Filling, cleaning, removing water and drying pipelines to prepare them for service
  • Testing existing lines and new pipelines as they are commissioned

See how we can save you time and money with hydrostatic testing.

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