Inspection Expertise

We offer clients in many industries our years of experience in a variety of non-destructive testing and visual inspection services.

Our certified technicians perform:

  • API-Integrity Management Inspections
    • API-510 pressure vessel inspection
    • API-570 process piping inspection
    • API-653 storage tank inspection
      • STI-SP-001 Inspection
  • AWS Certified Weld Inspection (CWI)
  • Electromagnetic testing (ET)
    • Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
    • Eddy Current (ECT)
    • Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC)
    • Remote Field (RFT)
    • Surface and Surface Array
  • Engineering Services
  • Hardness Testing
  • Holiday Testing
  • Laser Profilometry Testing using the Creaform HandyScan
  • Level III Services
  • Liquid penetrant inspection (PT)
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MT)
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
  • Radiographic Testing
    • Conventional Radiography (RT)
    • Digital Radiography (DR)
    • Computer Radiography (CR)
    • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
    • Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)
    • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
    • Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT)
    • Ultrasonic Angle Beam
  • Visual Inspections (VT)
    • Weld Monitoring
    • Remote Visual and Drone Inspections

phased array inspection


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NPhase ensures quality

To deliver the highest caliber of non-destructive inspections, Loenbro developed our NPhase® Quality Management System.

Learn about how NPhase cuts errors, maintains higher quality and consistency of results and most importantly, sets Loenbro apart as a company.

Explore the NPhase process

Phased Array Technologies

Loenbro deploys phased array technologies for use in a number of industries. It provides highly detailed digital images that can be transmitted quickly for assessment and appropriate response. And as more industries are using high-density polyethylene piping, demand for HDPE phased array inspection is growing.

This high-quality inspection process is free of radiation hazards, working quickly to get your worksite back up and running. Our certified inspectors operate at the top of their field.

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phased array technology

We invest in expert inspectors

to deliver results & save you money


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Integrity Management

Loenbro Inspection’s Integrity Management program helps manufacturers and facilities increase production uptime, hit optimum production targets and comply with regulations. Through databases and hands-on inspection, Loenbro monitors thousands of pieces of equipment and piping across several industries.

Our experienced inspectors:

  • Work closely with your team
  • Determine your facility needs
  • Create an action plan
  • Coordinate the scope of your project
  • Help you monitor your plant

See more on Integrity Management

Construction Management Services Add Expertise

Loenbro Construction Management Services offers customers the expertise of our skilled construction and maintenance managers. Our on-site managers ensure projects are completed safely, on time and on budget.

We offer a range of project management tools, including:

  • Subcontractor management
  • Budget updates
  • GPS/surveying
  • Safety coordination

Our managers have certifications in non-destructive testing, as well as a multitude of operator qualifications.

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technical plans

Engineering Services

Loenbro provides a variety of engineering services for industrial companies. Our talented professionals deliver engineering support for projects of all kinds, including greenfield and brownfield challenges. Our engineering services are innovative and cost-effective, helping you achieve the goals you set for your next project.

  • Project development professionals
  • Experienced engineers
  • Risk-based inspection
  • Fitness for service
  • Corrosion analysis
  • men operating testing tools on site

  • worker moving materials with equipment

Protect Metals with
Heat Treat Services

When exposed to cold, heat and caustic substances, even the strongest metals can fracture and fail – particularly along heat affected zones. That’s why companies in the oil and gas sector and many other industries rely on the expertise of Loenbro for heat treat services on piping and other metal components.

Our technicians:

  • Undergo extensive training procedures
  • Carefully heat metals to proper temperatures
  • Follow precise standards in cooling cycles

The result? We deliver more structurally sound material that has a longer service life.

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  • Facility Inspection

    Loenbro’s inspectors bring their expertise to a variety of industrial facilities, including oil and gas refineries, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing plants, food and beverage centers, pulp and paper facilities and fertilizer plants. We place top priority on training our inspectors and staying current on the latest technology.

    Inspections with integrity:

    • Non-destructive and visual inspections
    • In-process system evaluations
    • Verify use of proper materials
    • Assessments of facility needs

    For more information about our Facility Inspection Services, contact us today.

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  • Quality assurance & quality control

    Loenbro follows well-developed quality assurance and quality control processes in all inspections.

    Quality processes in place

    • Equipment to perform precise inspections
    • Trained, certified, experienced inspectors
    • Adherence to industry codes, regulations
    • Visual inspections and NDT procedures

    Our trained and certified inspectors can help you 24/7.

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  • Transportation Compliance

    Loenbro reviews our client’s operations and compliance with Department of Transportation regulations as well as fleet safety conditions.

    Keeping clients in compliance

    • Identify safety enhancements
    • Develop improvement plans
    • Assist with training and communication
    • Incorporate best practices

    Have questions? Contact our experts.

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Many industries turn to Loenbro

Learn more about the industries we serve with quality inspection services, below.