Red Morgan Center Structural Repairs
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Red Morgan Center Repairs – Fairchild Airforce Base

Spokane, WA


Loenbro’s solutions allow us to complete large industrial projects, but also partner with local communities to complete smaller civic jobs.

Originally built in 1943, the Red Morgan Community Center was once a local hub for official meetings and promotions, weddings and birthdays, gaming and indoor play, all under one roof. It served as the main community center on Fairchild AFB but has been closed due to concerns that the building is not structurally safe. An engineering analysis reported that the 202’ x 195’ wood structure did not have a truss system that was adequate to support its own dead load or snow load.

This project is a Design-Build.  Loenbro’s scope includes fabrication and install of structural steel reinforcement, glulam supporting members, and general carpentry.

Fabrication Work in Black Eagle, MT:

  • Fabrication of structural steel columns, base plates, brackets, angles, and plating
  • Prime painting all steel in Loenbro’s onsite paint booth
  • Shipping to project location

Onsite work and installation in Spokane, WA:

  • Selective demolition
  • Concrete foundation additions
  • Installation of new structural steel columns
  • Reinforcing of existing CMU wall with structural steel members
  • Installation of structural steel reinforcing brackets, angles, and plating at approximately 400 locations
  • Epoxy inject and clamp splitting wood members
  • Remove, salvage, and reinstall of various building materials
  • Miscellaneous carpentry including installation of metal stud framing, doors/frames/hardware, insulation, air barrier, and siding